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Opaque Scrim Banner

Looking for a banner to display your company logo, or any other type of advertisement? Our Opaque Scrim Banner is an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor use. They are printed on a durable, tear resistant polyester fabric that is 495gsm/15 mil in thickness. The scrim banner also has a 100% opacity built in “block out” layer, which means no light can shine through! For easier displaying, chose from 4, 6, or 8 grommets to be installed.

Hemming available for a sturdier edged banner. We use a strong hemming tape designed for scrim banners that gives the sides of the banner a thicker, sturdier feel.


24 – 48 Hour Turn-Around on Orders Placed Mon – Thurs. Friday orders will will fall to Monday.
  • Opaque Scrim Banners are printed on a durable, tear resistant polyester/vinyl fabric with a block out layer that blocks out light, and prevents the backside image from bleeding through
  • Hemming available. We use a 1″ thick hemming tape to securely hem the banner on all four sides
  • Typically a 24 hr turn-around