Before submitting your order for print, you agree that you have thoroughly reviewed your uploaded files for image quality and errors. You agree that you are satisfied with your proof and artwork, and will not hold Print Austin liable for any errors or quality issues of any files that you have uploaded. Print Austin will do their best to view the quality of artwork before printing, and may contact you for a different file, or alternative solutions if needed, but is not guaranteed. Print Austin does not spell check or proofread submitted documents for errors and Print Austin will assume all document files have been verified and approved by you, and we will complete the print job as requested.

All orders/sales are final and there are no refunds unless the order has been canceled by the customer prior to any production. Please keep in mind that if a refund is requested we can not refund the credit card fees, so the refund amount will be the total minus processing fees. Square no longer refunds credit card processing fees.

By law, Print Austin can not print any copyrighted or trademarked documents either submitted, or brought in to the store. If the document has the “Copyright” or “Trademarked” logos and states “do not duplicate”, we will halt production and contact you about your order.

Print Austin can not and will not print any files that are licensed or owned by Disney. Purchased Disney designs and artwork from websites such as Etsy are intended for home printing, and is strictly for personal use.

If we issue a refund due to customer ordering error, IE: the wrong image size was uploaded, the order was not placed correctly due to incorrect page count, etc., we will refund the full amount minus square’s credit card processing fees. Square has updated it’s policy and will no longer refund processing fees.