Due to Covid, we are not allowing self shredding at the moment. We still offer our in-store shredding for $1.49 per pound. We shred your documents with a secure, high-capacity shredder. Bring in those old confidential papers, and have the peace of mind that they will be properly destroyed. Our Shredder is a P-4 secured shredder, so we provide a better level of shredding security.


We offer a Xerox copier that is attached to a computer for customer use.* Whether you need to print from an email, or make copies of your document, we've got you covered! We also have some finishing equipment for your convenience such as an electric 3-hole punch, stapler, paper trimmer, paperclips, etc. *The first 5 minutes of computer use is free, then we charge $1.00 per minute thereafter.